Square Verses Round

Round beads are easier to use but leave gaps around each other that may show the under part a little once completed.

Square beads are a bit more finicky in that they need to fit next to each other but they cover better and give a smoother look to the painting.

Personal choice and depends what final effect you want.

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Round Verses Square Beads

Round beads are easier to use but leave gaps around each other sometimes showing the background in the finished product.

Square beads are more finicky in that they have to sit right next to each other but cover better giving a smoother looking painting.

Many of the paintings can come in either choice - just ask.

What IS Diamond Painting?


Diamond Painting is like paint-by-number or cross-stitch, corresponding spaces on the picture match certain coloured beads. The canvas is pre-glued and you fill in the spaces with the matching coloured beads. Remember that you are working with beads which will make your picture pixelized so it won’t look exactly like the photograph. Kit includes everything you will need.  Small beads so recommended for ages 12 and up.  Discounts offered for multiple purchases at the same time.


Options of a larger size or different bead shape may be available as a custom order, ask me if interested.

What Is A Partial Drill?

A partial drill has only part of the painting done in beads and the rest is just printed background.

It is a great choice for beginners as there isn't as much bead work to do.  Also good for children in that sense.  

Also can give a nice 3-D effect in that it is only partially done with beads.  Partials only come in round beads.

Full Drill
Square Beads
Full Drill
Round Beads
Special Projects

Located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Ottawa Diamond Paintings began from an interest in this craft form.  Although diamond painting is common in Asia, this art craft is relatively new to North America.  It is a fun and additive hobby that creates beautiful, sparkling paintings to grace your walls.


Initially it was disappointing with how limited the choices of designs that were available so we decided to carry the best and largest selection in Canada for Canadians.  Even the stores didn't carry a very large choie of designs.  Our aim is to continue to add new designs regularly to offer you as many choices as possible.


Most designs have the option of different sizes or bead shapes by custom order.  Contact us if you want a design different and we will see if you can be accommodated.


I hope you enjoy this craft as much as we do.


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For any questions such as custom work, optional sizes, problems or any other question, please contact me


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